Labour and Employment

Labour and Employment

The Alliance of European Lawyers has extensive experience in providing legal advice in all matters of labour and employment law and practical industry knowledge.  

The Firm’s labour and employment lawyers pride themselves on their experience in such areas as:

  • employment contracts and agreements, regulations for entering and terminating employment agreements;
  • drafting collective bargaining agreements;
  • drafting employment agreements and contracts;
  • drafting internal regulations for companies such as workplace rules and policies, codes of conduct, job descriptions, etc.;
  • drafting resolutions and other documents governing incentives and benefits, and employees liability procedures;
  • providing advice to businesses on staff reduction measures; 
  • offering the most effective solutions for protecting employers from possible risks that might arise due to the disclosure of confidential information by employees; 
  • representing businesses during their being audited by employment regulatory authorities;
  • acting for clients in employment litigation.

The separate aspect of the Firm’s labour and employment practice is obtaining work permits for foreigners seeking employment in EU.  The Firm provides legal advice to foreigners working in EU on both employment and tax regulations they must comply with.  

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